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''Campfire Song'' Panorama by 120dog ''Campfire Song'' Panorama :icon120dog:120dog 2 0
Human SpongeBob - Bubblestand
CAPTIAIN O’MALLEY: Ahoy! 'tis th' fourth tale.
The story begins showing Patrick, Squidward, and SpongeBob’s houses. The scene fades to show SpongeBob’s front door. He opens it and sniffs the air. He says that it is a wonderful day. He sneaks to the end of his walkway while saying, “The sun is out and birds are chirping.” As he says, “…birds are chirping”, he stops and a bird flies by. SpongeBob continues saying, “So peaceful.” He pauses for a few seconds and then grabs some planks and poles of wood and a hammer. He starts building something. The scene pans to Squidward’s window. He looks out it with an angry face. Squidward says, “Can we lower the volume please?! I can’t work with all that racket going on!” SpongeBob tells him that he will try to keep it down. Squidward walks away. SpongeBob then tries to slowly hammer a nail in, every time looking at Squidward’s window after words. This goes on f
:icon120dog:120dog 1 0
Old Artwork by 120dog Old Artwork :icon120dog:120dog 2 0 Matt Smith as Two-Face by 120dog Matt Smith as Two-Face :icon120dog:120dog 3 0
Human SpongeBob - Help Wanted
If you want t' hear an interestin' legend then you must travel a distance that few have traveled, you must take a boat out t' sea until you see a hut in t' middle o' nowhere. You will travel t' t' dock and exit your boat and travel t' t' top o' a long staircase until you reach t' hut. A man by t' name o' Captain O'Malley will greet you.
CAPTAIN O'MALLEY: Wha' do ye wants?! I be busy. Wha'? Ye've come t' here a legend? Ye say that ye've heard th' tales o' th' sponge named SpongeBob 'n ye wants t' hear a similar tale. Well, I guess I can stop wha' I be doin' 'n tell ye a tale. Come on in 'n loot a seat. I 'ave all eight volumes o' th' tales. Th' first tale be a fascinatin' one. 'tis titled, "Help Wanted". I'll use me French narrator voice t' make it seem more authentic t' th' original.
The story starts out with clouds. Captain O’Malley says, using his French narrator voice, “Ah, the sea so fascinating.” The clouds pan away to show an island city. The French narrator con
:icon120dog:120dog 2 0
Nicktoons: THMTM: Bonus Chapter
Before reading this, you should read the actual story.
This chapter takes place before the first chapter.
The story begins on Nega-Earth in Nega-Timmy’s Nega-verse. The date is, “March 21, 1992”. The scene zooms into North Nega-America. It then zooms into Nega-California. Then, it zooms into Nega-Dimmsdale. Finally, it zooms into the Nega-Dimmsdale Nega-Hospital. The scene zooms into the hospital and then fades to show a doctor holding Baby Nega-Timmy. He hands him to Mrs. Nega-Turner. The doctor says, “So, it appears that everything is order. I just need to ask you a few questions.” The scene shows Nega-Timmy. He is grabbing for an IV machine. While he is doing this, the doctor is talking incomprehensibly, off-scene. He eventually grabs the IV machine and pushes it over. It hits a bunch of other hospital equipment and Nega-Timmy says, “uh oh.” The scene changes to show the nega-hospital. An explosion starts. The scene zooms out until it has re
:icon120dog:120dog 0 0
Nicktoons:The Heroes Meet Their Match (Story Ver.)
The story begins in Timmy’s room. It is nighttime. Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Sparky are looking at a black and white image of an exploding Dimmsdale Hospital with Mr. Turner, Mrs. Turner in a bed and Baby Timmy in her arms. Timmy says, finishing a statement, “…and no one died that day, except for Mrs. Johnson who died a few hours earlier.” Downstairs, Mrs. Turner tells Timmy, “Light Out!” and Timmy responds sweetly with, “Okay, Mom!” He puts the book away. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof poof into their fish forms in the fishbowl. Timmy says, “Night,” to each of his fairies. Simultaneously, his fairies respond with, “Night, Timmy.” The fairies start sleeping. Sparky gets comfortable on the end of Timmy’s bed. Timmy says, “Night,” to Sparky. Sparky does the same for Timmy. Sparky starts sleeping. Timmy turns off the light and goes to sleep.
Meanwhile at the Dimmsdale Bank, a dark figure that looks like
:icon120dog:120dog 1 0
THMTM: Explanation Prologue: Crossovers (Part 2)
Before we begin with the rest of the story, there are many different accounts of some of the events of the next few adventures. The following will only feature one account of the adventures.
Either after the events of the previous story or the one prior to the previous story, Jimmy made plans to make a new universal portal. For some unknown reason, Goddard had access to these plans in his database. At some point, Professor Calamitous inserted a flea robot inside of Goddard, which gave him access to Jimmy’s plans. Professor Calamitous then uses the plans to make a portal of his own. He gathers three of the worst villains in the Nickelodeon Multiverse. They are Sheldon J. Plankton, Denzel Crocker, and Vlad Masters AKA Vlad Plasmius. They each agreed to help the other to destroy their enemies. Professor Calamitous’ enemy is Jimmy, Mr. Crocker’s enemy is Timmy, Vlad’s enemy is Danny Phantom, and Plankton’s enemy is SpongeBob SquarePants. The villains’ te
:icon120dog:120dog 2 0
THMTM: Explanation Prologue: Crossovers (Part 1)
Before you start reading this story, please read the other parts, which can be found in the description.
Our story begins in Dimmsdale Elementary School, Dimmsdale, California in the Fairly OddParents Universe. For years, Mr. Denzel Crocker, a teacher at Dimmsdale Elementary School, used a transportation science fair as a way to get to the legendary Fairy World, the place where magical creatures, called, “Fairies”, live. One year, Mr. Crocker had a student named, “Timmy Turner”. Timmy had fairy godparents, fairies that are assigned to miserable children to grant the child’s every wish (within the rules of Da Rules, the rule book). Timmy did not do his science project and was distracted with a game called, “Decimator”. One day, Mr. Crocker reminded the students of the project. Realizing that he did not do the project, Timmy wished that he could go to the greatest lab in Dimmsdale. He ended up in his friend A.J.’s room. He knew that A.J. wo
:icon120dog:120dog 2 0
SpongeBob SquarePants Word Cloud Typography by 120dog SpongeBob SquarePants Word Cloud Typography :icon120dog:120dog 0 0
THMTM: Explanation Prologue: Part SpongeBob
Our story begins in the Pacific Ocean in the prehistoric era. A time machine lands and a six-legged octopus named, “Squidward Tentacles” walked out and eventually invented “Jellyfishing”, a sport that involved capturing Jellyfish and letting them go. Shortly after Squidward Tentacles invented the sport, he returned to his own time. Thousands of years later, in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottomshire, there was an evil wizard named, “Planktonamor”. He controlled a giant dragon Jellyfish that terrorized the citizens of Bikini Bottomshire. The crab king, King Krabs, could do nothing. One day, a time travelling Sponge named, “SpongeBob SquarePants”, and Starfish named, “Patrick Star”, were captured, and put in the King’s dungeon. Meanwhile, in the castle, King Krabs’ whale daughter, Princess Pearl Krabs, was taken away from the castle and brought to Planktonamor. Back in dungeon, SpongeBob and Patrick met a
:icon120dog:120dog 0 0
THMTM: Explanation Prologue: Part Timmy
Our story starts in Dimmsdale, California, a fictional town in the Fairly OddParents Universe. The parents of Timmy Turner, the main character of the Fairly OddParents, decided to fake leaving and Timmy was not fine when they “left”. Earlier that day, Mrs. Turner had given the option of leaving Timmy with a babysitter, which she got the name of from a flier. Mr. Turner did not want to do this. When Timmy’s parents “left”, Timmy picked up the flier and called the number of the babysitter who was named, “Vicky. Mr. Turner tried to stop Timmy, but Mrs. Turner stopped Mr. Turner from doing so. Shortly after the call, Vicky came to the Turner house. When she arrived, she promised that she would compress all of the videos that the Turners had taken of Timmy through his life, which Vicky did shortly after. She also told Mr. and Mrs. Turner to leave Timmy with Vicky. When Mr. and Mrs. Turner left, Vicky turned out to be an evil babysitter. For the next year,
:icon120dog:120dog 0 0
THMTM: Explanation Prologue: Part Jimmy
Our story begins in Retroville, a fictional town in the Jimmy Neutron Universe. Cindy Vortex was the smartest girl in her class until a new kid arrived. His name is Jimmy Neutron. He is a boy genius. He has invented many inventions over the years. His first invention was a robot dog named, “Goddard”. Jimmy loves Goddard as any boy does with a real dog. Jimmy made friends with two kids named, “Carl Wheezer” and “Sheen Estevez”. Jimmy made enemies with Cindy and her friend, “Libby Folfax”. Sheen has a crush on Libby. Over the year or two knowing these people, he has become frenemies with Libby and Cindy. Jimmy’s mother is a stay-home mother. Some of Jimmy’s inventions include: a cheese ray, a hypercube, a device that lets people hear into the minds of others, a hover board, a hover car, a large walking machine, a shrink ray, a rocket, a laser, and a girl-eating plant. He made all of these inventions in his secret underground lab
:icon120dog:120dog 0 0
THMTM: Explanation Prologue: Part Danny
Our story starts in the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Three scientists were friends. Their names were “Jack Fenton”, “Vlad Masters”, and “Maddie”. One day, the three scientists were making a portal to a place called, the “Ghost Zone”. Before Jack plugged the machine in, he accidentally poured soda on the machine. Vlad was observing the portal when Jack turned it on. The machine overloaded and the ecto-energy hit Vlad. He was sent to the hospital and his life was ruined. Vlad was in love with Maddie. When the blast hit Vlad, Maddie was also in the way, but Jack pushed her out of the way before it hit her too. Maddie then fell in love with Jack. Vlad did not just get a trip to the hospital. He also got ghost powers making him a “halfa”, a half-ghost and half- human. Over the next 20 years, Maddie and Jack married, had a daughter and a son, and moved to the fictional town of Amity Park. In this time, Vlad mastered his ghost
:icon120dog:120dog 0 0
Anti-Cupid Word Cloud Typography by 120dog Anti-Cupid Word Cloud Typography :icon120dog:120dog 1 0 Cupid Word Cloud Typography by 120dog Cupid Word Cloud Typography :icon120dog:120dog 1 0


Drifloon by CreepyJellyfish Drifloon :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 182 0 Abomasnow by CreepyJellyfish Abomasnow :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 59 0 Abra by CreepyJellyfish Abra :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 145 0 Absol by CreepyJellyfish Absol :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 778 0 Aggron by CreepyJellyfish Aggron :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 219 0 Aipom by CreepyJellyfish Aipom :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 81 0 Alakazam by CreepyJellyfish Alakazam :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 135 0 Alakazam-mega by CreepyJellyfish Alakazam-mega :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 117 8 Altaria by CreepyJellyfish Altaria :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 244 0 Ambipom by CreepyJellyfish Ambipom :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 61 0 Ampharos by CreepyJellyfish Ampharos :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 302 0 Arbok by CreepyJellyfish Arbok :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 188 1 Arcanine by CreepyJellyfish Arcanine :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 642 0 Arceus by CreepyJellyfish Arceus :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 396 2 Ariados by CreepyJellyfish Ariados :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 24 0 Armaldo by CreepyJellyfish Armaldo :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 101 0

1.) You must post these rules
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer 
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal
4.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people
5.) No tag backs
6.) You can't say, no tags
7.) Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry.
8.) Tag me anyway, so I can see your answers!!

His Question:
1. Do you like the new Fairly OddParents?
Yes. It is okay.
2. Favorite Cartoon?
SpongeBob SquarePants
3. Favorite Anime?
Pokemon, I am not that big into anime.
4. Favorite Book?
The Power of Un.
5. Favorite Food?
6. Favorite Sport?
I don't like sports, but if I had to choose one 
7. Favorite Video Game?
I don't really have one. Maybe de Blob and de Blob 2.
8. Favorite TV Show?
Doctor Who.
9. Favorite Movie?
I don't have one.
10. Favorite Song?
I don't have one. 

I ask...
1. What is your favorite website?
2. Do you use YouTube?
3. If you use YouTube, what is your favorite channel?
4. Do you have a job?
5. If you have a job, what is it?
6. What is your favorite video game series?
7. If you use YouTube, which subscription has the most subcribers?
8. What is your favorite live action show?
9. What is your favorite band?
10. What is your favorite DeviantArt page?

I tag:
1. :iconspongeytube: (this is not a tag back, this is just following Rule #8.)
2. :iconbeanycoffee:
3. :iconwild-cobragirl:
4. :iconocphantom:
5. :iconechoheartx:
6. :iconkidsleykreations:
7. :iconcutgut:
8. :iconheyzeus7:
9. :iconmark33776:


Dylan Kelly
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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